Our esco story

Teaming Up for the Creation of
Better Learning Environments

Our diverse and extensive experience united as we embarked on interviews, school visits, observations, workshops, and research. With iterations to ideate, prototype, and analyse, the esco concept formed.

The esco Essential 10 concept:

  1. Embody modern teaching and learning strategies
  2. Improve learning effectiveness
  3. Maximize the utilization of educational buildings through extended learning beyond the classroom
  4. Provide learning environment solutions for every level of education, as well as mixed-age learning environments.
  5. Provide flexible solutions that can be adapted to various curriculums and learning needs
  6. Merge informal and formal learning spaces
  7. Enable active learning
  8. Stimulate face-to-face interactions
  9. Expand peer-to-peer and group learning options
  10. Foster individual and self-learning

Our mission

Our mission to create new solutions for modern learning environments is no longer a dream.
The team worked together for three years before deciding in 2018 to launch the esco learning environment concept and product range.

About Us

Creating Better Learning Environments

Our team

About Us

Brent Morren

Sales Director

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Jessica Robinson

Office Admin

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Amed Shaw


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Alex Miller

Account Manager

Our Timeline

  • 2015

    A number of architects, interior designers, educators, product designers, and furniture manufacturers met together and joined forces to become what would later be known as the esco team.

  • 2018

    Launch the esco learning environment concept and product range.

  • 2019

    esco is continuing to expand further around the globe and on track to becoming the global leader in educational furniture resources

  • 2020

    esco is continuing to expand further providing new products & supply chains around the world to comply with the education sector.